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SSL VPN Service For Mobile

If you have been wondering whether or not you can use SSL VPN or PPPT VPN on Windows Mobile platform devices, then your quest is over. The answer is yes and luckily you are at the right place. Our quality MobileVPN service allows you to access the Internet from both versions of Windows Mobile platform (5 and 6), and that too, without any restrictions.

You will be connected to our servers which are specifically configured for VPN on Windows Mobile. The entire traffic passing through these servers is encrypted, hence not only making your data 100% safe and secure but at the same time allowing you to surf anonymously. With the help of our quality Mobile VPN, users can unblock VOIP softwares like Skype, unblock social media sites like twitter, facebook, myspace etc and much more.

What is a Mobile VPN?

Now let us look at what a Mobile VPN really is. A Mobile VPN is actually a configuration of network in which mobile devices such as personal digital assistants (PDAs) or notebook computers access an intranet or a virtual private network (VPN) as they move from one physical location to another.

A quality Mobile VPN can seamlessly switch across access technologies, multiple public and private networks while providing reliable and continuous service to the end users. It does not compromise on key features i.e. security and privacy, and the functioning of a quality Mobile VPN is transparent to the end user.

Get a Mobile VPN now!!

At the far end of the tunnel, SSL, IPsec and PPTP VPNs recognize the device by IP address. This works well for users accessing VPN through stationary devices i.e. a PC connected through broadband, a laptop connected through a hotel LAN, or even a PDA at a Wi-Fi hot spot. But once this device is put in motion, it alters features like point of network attachment, physical connectivity and IP address. A typical VPN client can hardly survive these kinds of changes. As a result the tunnel collapses, session keeps timing out or even disconnect at times and the user must restart it from scratch which is definitely a hassle. Our Mobile VPN solution is designed to transparently adapt to all these changes, hence providing our users with seamless quality internet experience.

Moreover, If

    • You like to use your Windows Mobile for Internet browsing through public hotspots or Wi-Fi spots
    • You are worried about online security and your privacy
    • You are relocating temporarily or permanently, and will have to access your personal/corporate files securely
    • Or you are amongst those who know that the traffic they send over internet that does not uses SSL encryption can easily be decrypted using even free tools!


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    Just wanted to say thanks for this. At a first glance you need to do is to put your house in arrange first.

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